EOW: Business Definition and Meaning

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EOW: Business Definition and Meaning

Business Definition of “EOW”

The acronym “EOW” stands for “End Of Week”. In the corporate or business setting, the acronym EOW is commonly used in emails to set expectations around deadlines.

What Does “EOW” Mean?

The acronym EOW is often used via email, Slack, and Jira comments during software development sprints, as defining time in terms fo weeks lines up nicely with the two-week standard for agile development.

EOW should be typed as an acronym when used in emails, and expanded to “end of week” when used verbally in meetings.

The expression EOW or End of Week is related to the more common acronym “EOD,” meaning End of Day. EOD rose to popularity in the corporate setting thanks to its association with trading. Managers like to use acronyms associated with finance because it makes them sound financially savvy.

In trading, EOD refers to a trade order which ends at the end of the day when markets close. Once the acronym started being used in casual communication for assigning task deadlines, it was only natural that it become extended to include other “ending” times, such as Week (EOW), Sprint (EOS), etc.

EOW usage example

I’ll need this report back by EOW.

The term EOW is mostly used by managers when assigning tasks via email.

EOD vs EOW in business

EOD stands for End of Day. It was originally a term used for day trading, but now is used casually in emails to assign tasks that need to be completed by 5PM. EOW stands for End of Week. It’s an extension of the logic behind EOD, used for assigning tasks due at the end of the week.

Does EOW mean Friday at 5PM or Sunday at midnight?

When a manager assigns a task due EOW, they generally mean that it should be complete by Friday at 5PM. However, individuals given work with an EOW deadline will generally take it to mean “anytime between 5PM Friday and midnight on Sunday.”

If you want the task complete by 5PM Friday, as a manager, consider using the acronym EOBW (End of Business Week) to be more clear.

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