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NanoGlobals was built to share my expertise on remote work with international teams. I help tech companies and startups find and leverage remote workforces and multinational business strategies.

This page contains my top recommendations and advice for teams seeking out the best tools and services for their nanoglobal business.

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5 Income School Course Alternatives: Best Niche Site Courses

Income School was once a one-stop shop for learning the niche site business. As a former student, these 5 courses teach similar material at a value in 2022.

Reading Review: Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz

Summary and copywriting takaways from reading Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz.

How to Use Venmo for Your Small Business

Guide to safety, tax and compliance when using Venmo Business Profiles to accept direct payments from small business customers.

Best HR Tools for Fast-Growth Companies

Guide to HR software tools gaining popularity in 2021 for modern companies and remote teams.

How to Demonstrate Willingness to Learn [Resume, Interview]

Willingness to learn is a critical skill, but a challenging one to demonstrate on a resume or in-person during interviews. Our guide breaks down how.

ThePowerMBA Global Review: My Experience 2020–2023

Student review of ThePowerMba Global program as an MBA alternative, including full breakdown of cost, benefits, and impact on career development.

Best Time Tracking Browser Extensions for Remote Teams

Time tracking solutions for remote teams take many forms, but browser extensions are the simplest to impliment. Our guide introduces the best hour tracking chrome extensions currently trending.

Best Educational Tour Companies for Business Students

Educational tours are expected to pick up again starting in 2021–2022. If you're a student looking to gain valuable business experience, here are some of the best programs still operating internationally.

Best Alternative MBA Educational Programs for Entrepreneurs

MBA programs have competition from specialized and lower-cost programs in 2021, including online education offerings and alternative MBA providers.

Best KidTech App Developers [Updated for 2021]

KidTech has been surprisingly slow to grow relative to EdTech, but thanks to the normalization of remote learning, it's getting renewed developer interest. Here are the top firms to consider for KidTech app projects.

Best Education App Developers [Updated for 2021]

Education apps are a growing trend as of 2021. My guide shares the key points to review when considering an EdTech developer, and some firms I've personally vetted.

Nearshore operations unlock billions in value every year.

But most companies that attempt team augmentation wind up with broken products and worn-out project management. Don’t be one of them.

The goal of my content on this site is to educate customers on what to look out for when finding, vetting, and selecting a team augmentation partner; whether nearshore, offshore, or onshore.